Raiding Guides


I’ve made several attempts at an all-purpose raiding guide, but doing so without it being several hours of reading has eluded me in the past.  Hopefully, this attempt is a bit better.

While there’s plenty of great information out there, most of it isn’t consolidated – You have to look hard and dig deep to find advice on some of the simplest things.  I’ve made an effort to put all the basics in a single place and set people on the right path.

  • No matter how good you think you are, you can improve.
  • No matter how much you know, there’s always more to learn.
  • If you have advice to give, be pleasant and respectful about it.  There’s no need to call someone a noob for doing something wrong – we were all new once.  Be constructive.  Be friendly with others, and don’t assume you know what’s best.

When joining a raid group, it’s also important to respect people’s time.  Being 5 minutes late isn’t much time to you, but it’s a lot when considering it’s time that belongs to 10, 20 or more people.  Emergencies happen, but try to keep your raid leaders informed of your status.  Treat organized raiding like an organized sport (with which it shares many similarities) and not like a single-player video game.

User Interface and Sound
Basic information about how to configure the game’s interface to be more efficient and providing some advice related to sound settings.

Addons and Macros
Information about several valuable addons and useful scripts and macro commands.

Advice for an efficient control scheme.

Suggestions for basic combat and the most important aspects of raid combat.

What to worry about when gearing up your character during progression through a raid.


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