Shaman 6.1

Just a quick overview of all of the Shaman changes going live this week.


  • Ancestral Guidance is now triggered by all damage and healing and multistrikes instead of just direct damage and healing.
  • Storm Elemental damage and healing increased by 30%
    This will likely make Storm Elemental the default talent choice for Enhancement, and closer to competitive for Elemental and Restoration.  Liquid Magma should continue to have situational value for Enhancement.
  • Echo of the Elements now gives affected abilities a second charge instead of being a proc that causes those abilities to not incur a cooldown.  Spirit Link Totem has been added to the affected abilities.
    This is an interesting change that will cause the talent to notably change Enhancement’s priority when taken.  Because of that, It may take some time for its true value to be made known in sims, but it has a much more pleasing feel and higher skill cap than the previous version.  It will shift our damage breakdown toward Stormstrike, Lava Lash and Fire Nova as the previous version did, but do so in a way that allows skill and planning to have an impact.  The addition of Spirit Link for Restoration gives it the potential for a lot of situational value.
  • Frozen Power will no longer trigger Elemental’s mastery.
    This will be a slight buff to the talent for Elemental when cast on targets you haven’t damaged.


  • Grounding Totem affects your entire raid group instead of just the party you’re in.
    With this, the list of party-only abilities in WoW is cut in half.  Knowing that it will do something instead of only having a random chance based on target selection to do something should let it see more effective use in raiding or rated battlegrounds.
  • Enhanced Chain Lightning now buffs Earthquake by 300% and makes it instant cast when Chain Lightning hits 3 or more targets instead of increasing Earthquake damage done by 60% for every target hit by Chain Lightning.
    This has a slight positive impact on Elemental’s mobility and a huge impact on the usability of Earthquake and should result in a significant buff to Elemental’s AoE damage capabilities in many real combat situations.

Set Bonuses

  • Elemental’s 2-piece tier 17 bonus value has been cut in half, granting 1% multistrike damage per charge consumed instead of 2%.
  • Elemental’s 4-piece tier 17 bonus value has been increased slightly, requiring 12 charges to trigger instead of 15.
  • Versatility granted by Restoration’s 2-piece PvP bonus has been increased from 780 to 975.
  • Restoration’s PvP 4-piece bonus triggers at 50% health instead of 35%, and consumes 4 Earth Shield charges instead of 3.

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