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Several points of advice for becoming better at controlling your character.  For a lot more information, check out this “How To Stop Clicking” guide on WoW Insider.

While there are many “clickers” that are good players, a good clicker will be a better keybinder with some practice.  If you can take this advice, you really should.

Keyboard key presses are best used for your abilities.  You can change how your abilities are bound anytime by pressing the “ESC” key and pressing the “Key Bindings” button.  Clicking on your abilities not only takes more time, but requires precise movement of your mouse, and you need to watch your cursor instead of the game field or your health.  Because of this, it’s more likely you’ll miss that patch of fire that appeared under you while you were clicking on Fireball.  And if you use your keyboard to either back out of it or turn and run out of it after you finally notice it, well, that’s a lot of extra time spent in that fire that could result in the healer going out of mana or you ending up dead.

Some players may also choose to shift their movement keys to the right.  Having your movement keys as ESDF instead of WASD provides you with a few extra keys to the left of your movement keys to bind to other abilities.  This is not necessary, but it’s something some players do.

UI and Sound | Combat | Controls | Gear | Addons and Macros



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