WoD Shaman Spell Visuals

UnleashliveUnleash FlameUnleashElements

The old Unleash Flame visual was a fiery glow that happened twice while the buff was up.  The new one is a flaming glow on each weapon that continues for its entire duration.  Screenshots don’t do it justice, it really is pretty cool looking.




With Ascendance’s damage being changed from Nature to Wind (which is armor-ignoring Physical damage) Stormblast was renamed Windstrike and had its visual changed to be windy looking.  The new visual is pretty cool looking like Stormblast was and will likely be less obtrusive visually.


ShamRageliveShamanistic RageShamRage

Shamanistic Rage’s old effects continue to happen, but you gain a new effect over your head for its entire duration.  I suspect this spell’s visuals are still being worked on.




FeralSpiritliveFeral SpiritFeralSpirit

Feral Spirit had the same visual update that Ghost Wolf did.  Fully animated, the new wolves look great.


EchoEcho of the Elements

The Echo talent has changed in WoD.  It now triggers off any action, giving you an aura that causes your next Stormstrike or Lava Lash for Enhancement, Lava Burst for Elemental, or Healing Rain, Purify Spirit or Riptide for Restoration to not trigger its cooldown.  While the buff is active, you have this spell effect around your character.

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