Latest Shaman Announcements

The June 13 Alpha patch notes had some pretty significant changes for Shaman, but they are already out of date.  A quick summary:

Water Shield is not being removed.

Flurry’s current effects are being removed.  It will instead cause haste to reduce the cooldown of Stormstrike, Lava Lash, Shocks, Unleash Elements and Fire Nova as well as the global cooldown of all offensive abilities.


3 responses to “Latest Shaman Announcements

  1. I like the idea of Haste reducing our cooldowns much more than the passive effect Flurry has had these past expansions. Anything that reduces reliance on white damage is a great thing in my mind. The more my actions affect my damage, the more my skill shows in my total damage done.

    On the other hand, less white damage means anybody with a medium to high latency connection will likely see reduced overall damage. Those poor Aussies on NA servers are going to get hosed. Unless they all play caster classes.

  2. personally not a fan of the new flurry changes, granted it was a passive haste buff at X% levels of crit but at least it was different and actually provided that stat SOME value to the point that gearing a bit of crit in wod wouldnt be a bad thing with only 20% base crit (with raid buff). I don’t see why we need the Ret pally treatment that blizz is blanketing on the melee all of a sudden with the new flurry. As it stands crit will be about as useless for us as it is for ele shamans although the change saying flurry lasts 30 seconds now confuses me, does that mean its still a crit proc?. Staying positive though, cool new wolf model to go with our buffed up feral spirits, new echo+elemental fusion could make for a nice new twist to our rotation and would be fantastic for front loading our aoe if timed right.

    Ashunera, can you help me make sense of the barrage of changes we have had in the last week. Understandably not all that i mention is on the live alpha but for the things that are would love some clarity, and the things that arent would like to hear your opinion.

    Frost shock now rotational, does it benefit from SS debuff or is that for LB only now? Will the glyph be removed as a reduced cd on a rotational ability could easily become mandatory. Would like to see a minor glyph included as well that removes the snare on frost shock, could see that being a real issue on fights where boss/add movement needs to be quick ie anima golems on spoils or moving lei shen between conduits

    Chain lightning for ele only now? Last wave had it listed as Ele only although new ones say not available to resto, which is it? Not fussed either way just simplifies our aoe rotaton which is gcd capped as is although means MW will only benefit 1 damage spell and 1 heal spell (not a big deal i guess)

    Bind elemental gone? how was that a necessary spell removal, it was nice to have on fights like lei shi where the only other class that could reliably deal with adds was warlocks. a primal draenor expac with heavy orc/shamanism involvment surely a spell like that wouldve been useful

    Burning wrath removed? 20 man mythic youll undoubtedly have sp covered from mages/locks but again, why are we the ones losing it with nothing in its place at this point? The other hybrid dps classes (ret,ww,spriest,boomy/feral) are keeping 3 raid buffs

    sorry for the wall of text, first bit of alpha news that ive had anything negative to say about

    • Flurry will not have a duration, and will be completely passive. The old (live) flurry was a very problematic ability for balance reasons. It gave abnormally huge benefit to Fire Elemental and auto attacks, passive sources of damage in general. This resulted in us gearing specifically for those passive sources of damage instead of active ones, and made level 90 talent balance difficult. There were very few solutions that could’ve been implemented to make Haste an attractive stat for Enhancement for active abilities, so the simplest one was chosen. While Sanctity of Battle made Retribution the first melee to have all of their abilities scale with haste, casters had been benefiting from it in that way for years and it probably should’ve been a baseline thing for everyone back in BC. In WoD, literally everyone will either have a GCD reduced by haste, or a 1 sec GCD baseline with resource based attacks.

      Frost Shock does not (currently) benefit from Stormstrike. This does mean that Frost Shock is of lower value than Earth Shock, but there will be a lot of damage adjustments to come. Frost Shock glyph probably won’t make as it is it in 6.0. As for its slowing effect, I think it’s reasonable to assume you’ll just want to use Flame Shock in its place. Usually things you want to move quickly and can be slowed don’t live long enough for shock choice to matter much.

      As far as I know, Chain Lightning being gone from Enhance is just a bug. I don’t expect its removal to last long, it’s probably a Shaman’s most iconic damaging ability.

      There was talk of giving the Bind Elemental effect to Hex. I’m not sure what the status of that is. Bind Elemental is an ability that suggests it could be quite useful, but since it was added I think I used it seriously on one trash pack ever (the one before Valiona and Theralion) and very seldomly on Frost Mage pets in PvP.

      Regarding buffs like Burning Wrath, they are in the process of combining as many passive auras as possible to reduce spellbook clutter. For the time being, just assume you’ll still provide 10% spell power, haste, and mastery when all is said and done. With the addition of Multistrike and Versatility buffs to the game, that may change, but we’ll still have 3 raid buffs after.


      Regarding Crit as a stat, a lot of the reason its value wasn’t highly valued on gear through most of MoP was actually due to Agility providing Crit. For Enhancement, stat values have been close enough for changes in one to affect the ordering of the others, but you got most of the crit you needed from an upgrade just from the Agility. Since your crit doesn’t naturally increase over time anymore, it should result in it being a stat you care about more at higher gear levels. While Flurry did improve the value of Crit slightly, it also gave crit mild diminishing returns.

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