Becoming a Better Raider

After a couple “failed” attempts, I revised and rewrote my guides on improving yourself as a raider.  Previous attempts have been entirely too wordy as guides so often are, so I’ve attempted a “straight to the point” approach.  One version spent the better part of two years here on my blog, and my earlier attempt took 20 posts worth of space on the official forums.  While there’s a still a lot to consider, this version should be much lighter reading.

Keep in mind that it’s not necessary to do everything here in these guides to be a strong raider.  Now is a great time to make adjustments to the way you play due to Warlords of Draenor being a ways off.  Be it UI changes or changing your control scheme, everyone can make improvements somewhere.

So without further delay, here’s Raiding Guides version 3.


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