WoD info


Night Elf – 1% crit during the day, 1% haste at night.  Quickness also provides 2% run speed.
Undead – Touch of the Grave is receiving scaling changes, Will of the Forsaken cooldown increased to 3 minutes.
Human – Sword/Mace specializations removed, The Human Spirit now provides a boost to two secondary stats of your choice.
Draenei – Heroic Presence now provides your primary stat instead of hit.  Gift of the Naaru does its healing over 5 sec. instead of 15.
Orc – Axe and Fist specializations are gone.  Hardiness reduced to 10% stun duration reduction.
Troll – Berserking reduced to 15% haste.
Blood Elf – Gains 1% crit.  Arcane Torrent will also restore Chi, Runic Power and Holy Power in addition to Mana, Energy and Rage.
Dwarf – Crack Shot and Mace Specialization removed.  Might of the Mountain increases crit damage by 2%.  Stoneform also now removes Magic and Curse effects if they don’t cause loss of control of your character.
Goblin – Time is Money will grant Haste instead of attack speed and cast speed.
Gnome  – Shortblade Specialization changed to 1% haste, Escape Artist cooldown reduced to 1 minute. Expansive Mind now increases maximum Rage, Energy, and Runic Power by 5%.
Tauren – Endurance provides a flat stamina bonus.  Brawn increases crit damage by 2%


Rogue – Shadow Blades removed.  Tricks of the Trade no longer provides a damage buff to the target and costs no energy.
Warrior – Shattering Throw will be an ability granted by a glyph instead of a baseline ability.  Skull Banner removed.
Shaman – Stormlash Totem removed.
Hunter – Scatter Shot is gone.  Traps will activate immediately.  Silencing Shot removed.
Paladin – Several healing cooldowns have been merged.


The new secondary stat, Amplify, and tertiary stat, Cleave have been shelved for the time being.


2 responses to “WoD info

  1. Good to see Storm Lash hit the road. It wasn’t interesting in the end and was too subtle for most players to really recognize its worth. Won’t be missed.

  2. Also, interesting that Shattering Throw will be a glyph. I can’t imagine it will retain the same effect going into WoD otherwise it would seem to be a mandatory glyph. Will it just remove immune shields?

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