WoD Shaman updates.

Nothing too big here, just highlighting some tweets.

The Elemental and Enhancement version of “Rainstorm” has been changed to an effect that increases shock damage after Lava Burst and Lava Lash are used.  Condensation Totem remains, but what it does exactly (or if it’s even in the same form as before) is still unclear.

Just one of numerous examples of ability pruning, the Feral Spirits’ Spirit Bite ability is gone.

Also, the most important question that could be asked was answered – Enhancement and Retribution will have a more appropriate mana cost for their resurrection spells.

Feral Spirit is likely to be a lot stronger in WoD than it is now.  I would probably expect a lot more “pointless” abilities like Spirit Bite to disappear.  Static Shock may be the kind of example you’ll see.  Or anything with the “off-hand” tag, like Wind Lash, Stormstrike and Stormblast having their damage rolled into one.


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