5.2 Enhance trinkets.

Update#2 – ToT and MoP in general has kept me extremely busy.

Update (March 12) – Many trinkets using the RealPPM system have received buffs, causing them to have a higher chance to proc at the start of an encounter and receive increasing chances to proc over time, resetting when they do.  They’ve also received a 10% increased chance to proc for Strength and Agility classes, so Bad Juju, Rune of Re-Origination, Renataki’s Soul Charm and Talisman of Bloodlust have all been buffed significantly since I did these simulations.  I’ll provide updated numbers when possible.

Here are some of the new trinket values I simmed quickly for any who are wondering what our best options are.  I’ll try to keep that up-to-date and add trinket values for a T15H level when I’m able.

Simmed each trinket individually with none others equipped with the T14H sample profile.  10,000 iterations (I’ll do more when I find some time).

Enhancement Trinkets in 5.2

*Trinkets with hit and expertise had their values split evenly between crit, haste and mastery to maintain caps and give an idea of their maximum value.  These trinkets will become less valuable if they force you over hit and expertise caps.

**SimC doesn’t seem to be modeling this version of this trinket properly, specifically the proc.

***Due to the profile using Engineering, on-use trinket value is reduced.  They are still pretty bad trinkets, but not quite as bad as listed here.


2 responses to “5.2 Enhance trinkets.

  1. Thanks! I’ve been looking for this and haven’t had the time do to it myself. Things like askmrrobot seemed way off, especially having the elegon heroic trinket ranked 4th. It’s nice to see the actual numbers

  2. I just Got Rune ( no rentaki or juju drop for me so far) and using it with the valor trinket. Is it a decent trinket since buff. I have 8095 haste and 7905 mastery out of combat. any help would be appreciated as to to how to best maximise dps with this trinket

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