Mists of Pandaria going live soon!

As of this post, Mists of Pandaria goes live in 16.5 hours.  To every Shaman (and everyone else) out there, good luck and have fun in the new expansion – there is a lot to see and do, much of which hasn’t been documented anywhere.  Mists is absolutely packed full of “cool” with more to keep yourself busy with than you can imagine.

As for me, I’ll be leveling two Shamans within the first week, and hopefully have the first at 90 before tomorrow ends.  Yep, I’ll be raiding 25s as Enhancement with Temerity, and 10s as Elemental/Restoration with Roshambo, which should give me a pretty good view of the Shaman class as a whole in Mists raiding.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts as things get underway.  Until then, have fun! (Though it will be hard not to.)


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